South Korea Scary Moment: Lee Jae-myung’s Adventure

South Korea Scary Moment: Lee Jae-myung's Adventure

Today, let’s talk about a brave leader named Lee Jae-myung from South Korea. He was on an adventure, visiting a city called Busan, when something surprising and scary happened.

South Korea : A Construction Site Exploration

Imagine going to a place where they are building something new, like a big airport! Lee was checking out the Gadeokdo New Airport’s construction site in Busan. It’s like exploring a giant playground where planes will soon land.

South Korea Scary Moment: Lee Jae-myung's Adventure

South Korea : Talking to Reporters

Leaders often talk to reporters, just like teachers talk to you in school. Lee was answering questions and sharing exciting things about the new airport when something unexpected took place.

The Shocking Attack

Out of nowhere, someone did something really wrong – they attacked Lee! It’s like if you were playing with your friends, and suddenly someone did something to hurt one of them. That’s not nice!

Injury to the Neck

Lee got hurt in a scary way. The person who attacked him stabbed him in the neck. It’s a part of the body where important things are, like the blood vessels that help us stay alive.

South Korea : Conscious and Brave

Even though Lee got hurt, he stayed conscious. That means he didn’t faint or fall asleep. He was brave and aware of what was happening around him.

1-Centimeter Laceration

Doctors say Lee has a 1-centimeter cut on the left side of his neck. Imagine a tiny cut on your finger – it’s like that, but on his neck. Doctors are helping him to feel better.

Suspected Damage to Jugular Vein

There’s a part inside our neck called the jugular vein. It’s like a special road for our blood to travel. Doctors are worried it might have some damage, and they’re checking to make sure everything is okay.

Quick Surgery and Care

To make Lee feel better, the doctors decided he needed surgery. It’s like fixing a toy that got a little broken. He was taken to Seoul National University Hospital for special care.

Describing the Attack as Terrorism

People are saying this attack was like an act of terrorism. That’s a big word, but it means someone did something really bad to create fear and harm. It’s like trying to make everyone scared.

A Threat to Democracy

When something bad happens to a leader, it’s not just about that person – it’s also about the ideas and choices people make together, called democracy. Everyone hopes for Lee’s quick recovery and that democracy will stay strong.